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Improve Wellbeing.

Improve Life

Improve quality of life.

Stiff Joints

Increase Joint Mobility.

Back Problems

Proven to ease back problems.

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Originally designed for use by health professionals, Eurotherapy brings a new range of oscillating-pad therapy products to the UK, for use in your own home. Demonstrations are available for you at a show near you where we’ll explain how our products may be able to help you.

Oscillating Pad Technology – Clinically Proven to work.

Want to know more about Oscillating Pad Technology?

Oscillating Pad Technology .

Eurotherapy uses professional quality Oscillating Pad Technology which has been designed by German engineers and health experts to bring the benefits of professional physiotherapy to the home. Use this hands free treatment in your home on your feet, shoulder, upper or lower back, hip, thigh or knee.

Use it in your home.

Oscillating Pad Equipment can be used with your normal activity of watching television, reading or handicrafts. Having a balanced ergonomic design allows convenient one-handed use and a range of accessories tailor the treatment to your requirements.


A Range of Accessories.

A variety of attachments allow for a range of therapeutic uses from scalp, reflexology and cosmetic soft tissue use to deep penetration massage. The soft bristle pad and ball studded reflexology pad, both attach by simply placing them over the base plate and allowing the sides to locate in a groove. The cosmetic sponge, soft bell, and domed deep penetration attachments, all locate in a high quality stainless steel threaded insert in the base plate.

– Hours tending my beloved Garden

“You gave me a practical demonstration for about 10 minutes and while I walked round the show I realised that my back felt much less tense. To be honest, I was a bit daunted by the price but as I could feel a difference I decided that I would give it a go … I am now able to spend hours, not just minutes doing my beloved garden and if I do over-do it I can get my hubby to run the massager over my back!”

– Sorted Ivans back problems

“Just wanted to say how pleased we are with our Eurotherapy machine, it is now some years since we purchased it from you, in-fact we were still living in the UK so it must have been 2007. It has certainly sorted out Ivan’s back problems, which was a great relief for him, we have also loaned one to a friend who has arthritis in her knees – we cannot recommend it highly enough! Hope you had a good and successful show – probably see you next year.”

– Most miraculous difference

“The Eurotherapy Machine has made a tremendous improvement. Two years ago I had a small foot operation. The surgeon was confident I would make a full and fast recovery and be back in killer heels within a few weeks. Sadly this did not prove to be the case … the Eurotherapy made the most miraculous difference and I am so grateful to have found it. Separately I have also found so many other ways that this machine can help. It is quite astonishing how quickly it works.”